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We’re wrapping up this year’s Shark Week (7/7-7/13) with some fintastic books. From the classic Jaws to a new memoir from a shark scientist, here are five must-reads you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Scroll to see the complete list.

Did you know?
Sharks have no bones! Instead, their endoskeleton is made from cartilage.

Jaws: A Novel by Peter Benchly

The shark-versus-man classic that inspired the blockbuster Steven Spielberg movie—now in a fiftieth-anniversary edition with an exclusive foreword from the author’s wife, renowned ocean conservation advocate Wendy Benchley.

“A tightly written, tautly paced study of terror [that] makes us tingle.”The Washington Post

“Powerful . . . [Benchley’s] story grabs you at once.”The New York Times Book Review

“Relentless terror . . . You’d better steel yourself for this one. It isn’t a tale for the faint of heart.”The Philadelphia Inquirer

Available in Hardcover, Trade Paperback, and eBook Editions.

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Sharks Don’t Sink: Adventures of a Rogue Shark Scientist by Jasmin Graham

The uplifting story of a young Black scientist’s challenging journey to flourish outside the traditional confines of academia, inspired by her innate connection to nature’s most misunderstood animal—the shark.

“Jasmin Graham has that winning combination of talent and grit needed to excel as a scientist. Every girl who wants to be a marine biologist should have this book.”—Hope Jahren, New York Times bestselling author of Lab Girl and The Story of More

“Through Graham’s eyes, we not only gain a newfound appreciation for these incredible creatures but also of Graham’s own journey to becoming a voice for the voiceless. Through this remarkable memoir, readers will be inspired to pursue their dreams, defy expectations, and fight for a better, more inclusive future for all.”Weike Wang, author of Chemistry and Joan Is Okay

Available July 16th in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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The Secret History of Sharks: The Rise of the Ocean’s Most Fearsome Predators by John Long

From ancient megalodons to fearsome Great Whites, this book tells the complete, untold story of how sharks emerged as Earth’s ultimate survivors, by world-leading paleontologist John Long.

“This book, by shark expert and great writer John Long, will keep you on the edge of your seat from its first page to its last page.”Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Guns, Germs, and Steel

“Every week is Shark Week for John Long, who has spent his life scouring the planet for clues to the mystery of shark evolution. Thoroughly researched and wonderfully narrated, The Secret History of Sharks makes a convincing case that the story of sharks is nothing less than the story of life on Earth. Highly recommended!”Nate Blakeslee, New York Times bestselling author of American Wolf

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Close to Shore: The Terrifying Shark Attacks of 1916 by Michael Capuzzo

Combining rich historical detail and a harrowing, pulse-pounding narrative, Close to Shore brilliantly re-creates the summer of 1916, when a rogue Great White shark attacked swimmers along the New Jersey shore, triggering mass hysteria and launching the most extensive shark hunt in history.

“A remarkable read . . . a flash photo of the moment when our fascination with sharks transformed from awe into mortal dread.”Entertainment Weekly

“The most perfect beach book ever. Better than Jaws–an amazing story, terrific writing, and the Gilded Age setting is fascinating. I loved it.”Linda Marotta, Shakespeare & Company, New York City

Available in Trade Paperback, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Blue Meridian: The Search for the Great White Shark by Peter Matthiessen

A classic work of nature and humanity, by renowned writer Peter Matthiessen (1927-2014), author of the National Book Award-winning The Snow Leopard and the new novel In Paradise.

National Book Award-winning author Peter Matthiessen takes readers on an expedition to find the most dangerous predator on Earth—the legendary great white shark. On a trek that lasts 17 months and takes him from the Caribbean to the whaling grounds off South Africa, and across the Indian Ocean to the South Australian coast, Matthiessen describes the awesome experience of swimming in open water among hundreds of sharks; the beauties of strange seas and landscapes; and the camaraderie, tension, humor, and frustrations that develop when people continually risking their lives dwell in close proximity day after day. Filled with acute observations of natural history in exotic areas around the world, Blue Meridian records a harrowing account of one of the great adventures of our time.               

Available in Trade Paperback and eBook Editions.

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