Brit Bennet’s lush and evocative debut novel The Mothers was one of our favorite books of 2016. Set within a contemporary black community in Southern California, 17-year-old main character Nadia is reeling from her mother’s suicide and seeks solace in the arms of Luke, the pastor’s son. It’s supposed to just be a summer fling, but the fallout from their relationship is felt by everyone in their orbit for decades afterward.

We sat down with Brit and asked her to tell us about her favorite books, what she did before her career as a writer, and who would be in her dream book club (one word: Oprah!). Watch Brit’s book recommendations below and if you haven’t yet read The Mothers, you should do so immediately.


What questions would YOU ask your favorite author? Comment and lets us know!


Republished with permission from Read it Forward.

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