You’ve seen them on TikTok, now read the books literally everyone is talking about—including a brand-new fantasy series from TikToker, Danielle L. Jensen.

A Fate Inked in Blood: Book One of the Saga of the Unfated by Danielle L. Jensen

A shield maiden blessed by the gods battles to unite a nation under a power-hungry king—while fighting her growing desire for his fiery son—in the first book of a Norse-inspired fantasy romance series from the bestselling author of The Bridge Kingdom series.

A Fate Inked in Blood is THE must-read fantasy of 2024! I could not put this book down!”—Jennifer L. Armentrout, USA Today bestselling author of From Blood and Ash

“This is Danielle L. Jensen at her best: a delicious and completely unputdownable fantasy!”—Katee Robert, New York Times bestselling author of Neon Gods

Available February 27th in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Hunt on Dark Waters: A Novel by Katee Roberts

A stern captain meets his witchy match in this captivating first fantasy romance novel in the Crimson Sails series from Katee Robert, the New York Times bestselling author of the TikTok smash-hit Neon Gods.

When Bowen—a member of the pirate crew Cŵn Annwn—and his band of seafarers rescue Evelyn—a upflappably brassy pickpocket—she’s immediately given a choice: join their group or die. But Bowen and Evelyn didn’t expect to be so attracted to each other, and as tension heats up between them, the danger escalates. Because Evelyn has no intention of keeping her vows to the Cŵn Annwn, and if she betrays the crew, both she and Bowen will pay the ultimate price.

Available in Trade Paperback, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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The Tearsmith: A Novel by Erin Doom

The bestselling international sensation, coming soon to Netflix, now in English for the first time—a dark, sexy, haunting novel of two very damaged teens who are taken in by the same family and forced to reckon with a destructive love that could be the undoing of them both.

Growing up in a ghastly orphanage run by an abusive matron, Nica coped in the only way she could—by retreating to her imagination, where she lived out fantastical stories about the Tearsmith, the man who makes tears, a terrifying figure who forges all the fears that dwell in people’s hearts.

When she’s finally taken in by an adoptive family at seventeen, Nica thinks she’s leaving the group home, its torments, and her prison of otherworldly tales behind her. That is, until Rigel—a young man raised from birth in the same dreadful orphanage—joins her new family.

Their deep shared trauma of surviving such vicious circumstances sparks something magical, and Nica begins to fall for Rigel’s forbidden love. Before any relationship can become reality, though, they’ll have to face the darkness of their past . . . and the dangerous stakes of pursuing a future together.

Available February 6th in Trade Paperback, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Long Way Down: A Novel by Krista Ritchie and Becca Ritchie

The TikTok sensation Addicted Series continues with Long Way Down, now in a print edition with special bonus material!

With a seven-year age difference, Ryke Meadows and Daisy Calloway have faced an uphill battle in the eyes of the world and their families. Known as the most adventurous, fast-paced couple, their next step has always been elusive to the rabid media.

Behind the scenes, heartbreaking troubles continue to test Ryke and Daisy’s resilience and shape their future together. But preserving their happiness also means taking more risks. As a professional free-solo climber, Ryke is no stranger to danger, but his next step with Daisy wagers more than just his health. With their lives on the line, Ryke and Daisy head towards the vast, wild unknown.

Available February 6th in Trade Paperback.

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Next of Kin: A Novel by Hannah Bonam-Young

Two bickering strangers trying to foster their younger siblings team up to create a stable home, but the chemistry between them threatens to undo their plans—from the viral TikTok author of Next to You and Out on a Limb.

“Funny and huge-hearted and romantic and real.”—New York Timesbestselling author Talia Hibbert

“Tender, thoughtful, and deeply touching, Next of Kin celebrates the gift of found family, the wonder of falling in love, and the beautiful work of building a life together.”—Chloe Liese, author ofTwo Wrongs Make a Right

Available February 6th in Trade Paperback and eBook Editions.

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Kill Switch: A Novel by Penelope Douglas

One woman’s worst fears come to life in the third novel of the Devil’s Night dark romance series by New York Times bestseller Penelope Douglas, now with bonus material.

Sending Damon to prison was the worst thing Winter could’ve done. Three years came and went too fast, and prison only gave him time to plan. And while Winter anticipated his vengeance, she didn’t expect this. He doesn’t want to make her hurt. He wants to make everything hurt.

Damon knows he needs to get rid of Winter’s father, giving her, her sister, and her mother nowhere to run. The Ashby women are desperate for a knight in shining armor. But that’s not what’s coming. It’s time Damon took control of his future. It’s time he showed them all that he will never stop being the nightmare they think he is.

Available March 12th in Trade Paperback.

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