What do Hannah Gadsby, Bob Odenkirk, and Fabian Nicieza—cocreator of Deadpool—have in common? They’re all authors featured on our comedy reads blog! Your one-stop for hilarious reads that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Inside Jokes:

In on the Joke: The Original Queens of Stand-Up Comedy by Shawn Levy

A hilarious and moving account of the trailblazing women of stand-up comedy who broke down walls so they could stand before the mic—perfect for fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Hacks.

“An insightful and impeccably researched examination of the inspirational and fearless female comedians who first trod the unconventional path I gratefully followed. In reading Shawn Levy’s book, I discovered almost every woman changed her original name; in tribute, I’m changing my name to Lady HaHa.”—Rita Rudner, bestselling author and nine-time recipient of Las Vegas’s “Comedian Of The Year”

“A seminal (eew gross I hate that word but it applies here and I love this book) work on the incredible journey of women in comedy, past and present, for all of us hope there will be many more of us in the future.”—Margaret Cho, Grammy and Emmy Award–nominated stand-up comedian and actress

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Inside Comedy: The Soul, Wit, and Bite of Comedy and Comedians of the Last Five Decades by David Steinberg

The world of comedy and comedians of the last five decades. By the man the New York Times calls “a comic institution himself,” the only comedian (twenty-six years in stand-up) to have made Elie Wiesel laugh, as well as having appeared on The Tonight Show (140 times, second only to Bob Hope, but who’s counting). From the director of TV comedy series Mad About You, Seinfeld, Friends, Weeds and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

“I’m lucky. I know and love David Steinberg. You don’t. Now’s your chance. Don’t blow it!”—Larry David

“David has always been a comedy hero to me. One of his many gifts is the ability to inspire funny people to be even funnier, as you will discover in this truly hilarious, insightful book.”—Martin Short

Available July 13th in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Sicker in the Head: More Conversations About Life and Comedy by Judd Apatow

An all-new collection of honest, hilarious, and enlightening conversations with some of the most exciting names in comedy—from New York Times bestselling author and lifelong comedy nerd Judd Apatow.

“When I need to read an interview with a comedian while in the bathroom, I always turn to Judd Apatow for deeply personal insights into the comedic mind. Place one on your toilet today.”—Amy Schumer

Sicker in the Head gives us an entry pass to ‘the tribe of comedians’ that have provided a sense of belonging to Apatow and the other funny people who became his friends and colleagues in the art of laughter.”—Michiko Kakutani

Available in Hardcover and eBook Editions.

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Funny Business: The Legendary Life and Political Satire of Art Buchwald by Michael Hill

This “absorbing, illuminating” (Jon Meacham) biography of the legendary political humorist reveals the life behind his must-read Washington Post columns, featuring never-before-published photos, documents, and interviews.

“A delightful and entertaining book about one of America’s greatest humorists.”—Seth Meyers

“In today’s reeking dumpster fumes of American politics, we could use a columnist as mercilessly fast and funny as Buchwald. The problem is that there will never be anyone as good, and Michael Hill’s rousing and revealing book reminds us why.”—Carl Hiaasen, author of Squeeze Me 

Available June 7th in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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The World’s Worst Assistant by Sona Movsesian; Foreword by Conan O’Brien

From Conan O’Brien’s longtime assistant and cohost of his podcast, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, a completely hilarious and irreverent how-to guide for becoming a terrible, yet unfireable employee, spilling her trade secrets for minimizing effort while maximizing the rewards.

Sona Movsesian didn’t wake up one day and decide to become the World’s Worst Assistant. Achieving such greatness is a gradual process—one that starts with long hours and hard work before it eventually descends into sneaking low-dosage edibles into your lunch and napping on your boss’s couch.

With a forward from Conan O’Brien, The World’s Worst Assistant is populated with hysterical black-and-white illustrations, comics, and more. It’s a mixture of how-tos (like How to Nap at Work and How to Watch TV at Your Desk), tips for becoming untouchable (like memorizing social security and credit card numbers and endearing yourself to friends and family), and incredible personal stories from Sona’s twelve years spent working for Conan that put their adorable closeness and professional dysfunction on display.

Available July 19th in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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A Comedy Troupe of Authors:

Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation by Hannah Gadsby

Multi-award-winning Hannah Gadsby broke comedy with her show Nanette when she declared that she was quitting stand-up. Now she takes us through the defining moments in her life that led to the creation of Nanette and her powerful decision to tell the truth—no matter the cost.

“Hannah is a Promethean force, a revolutionary talent. This hilarious, touching, and sometimes tragic book is all about where her fires were lit.”—Emma Thompson

“Consistently self-effacing and contemplative, Gadsby acknowledges that her unique brand of deadpan observational comedy isn’t for everyone, especially since it often skewers ‘the two most overly sensitive demographics the world has ever known: straight white cis men and self-righteous comedians’ . . . A witty and provocatively written life story.”—Kirkus Reviews

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama: A Memoir by Bob Odenkirk

In this “essential” (Entertainment Weekly), “hilarious” (AV Club) memoir, the star of Mr. Show, Breaking Bad, and Better Call Saul opens up about the highs and lows of showbiz, his cult status as a comedy writer, and what it’s like to reinvent himself as an action film ass-kicker at fifty.

“I’ve known Bob Odenkirk for more than thirty years, and yet I had to read this book to believe his stunning career arc.”—Conan O’Brien

“Bob Odenkirk’s elegantly titled Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama takes readers on a hilarious tour of the comedian and actor’s career . . . Celebrity memoirs are a dime a dozen, but if there were one we’d put our money on as being well worth the time this year, it’s this one.”AV Club

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Please Don’t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes: Essays by Phoebe Robinson

With sharp, timely insight, pitch-perfect pop culture references, and her always unforgettable voice, New York Times bestselling author, comedian, actress, and producer Phoebe Robinson is back with her most must-read book yet.

“[A]nother hilarious essay collection from Phoebe Robinson.”The New York Times Book Review

“Strikes the perfect balance of brutally honest and laugh out loud funny. I didn’t want it to end.”—Mindy Kaling, New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Me?

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk Outside by Nick Offerman

A humorous and rousing set of literal and figurative sojourns as well as a mission statement about comprehending, protecting, and truly experiencing the outdoors, fueled by three journeys undertaken by actor, humorist, and New York Times bestselling author Nick Offerman

“Laced with humor, intellect, and fierce passion, Where the Deer and the Antelope Play is an entertaining getaway to a variety of unexpected American vistas.”—BookPage

“Offerman’s thoughtful and hilarious musings at the nexus of human life and nature, particularly through the lens of John Muir and Aldo Leopold . . . serves another welcome reminder that nature is for all.”—Smithsonian Magazine

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Comedic Fiction:

Self-Made Widow: A Novel by Fabian Nicieza

From the cocreator of Deadpool and author of Suburban Dicks comes a diabolically funny murder mystery that features two unlikely sleuths investigating a murder that reveals the dark underbelly of suburban marriage.

After mother of five and former FBI profiler Andie Stern solved a murder in her New Jersey town, both her husband and the West Windsor police hoped that she would set aside crime-fighting and go back to carpools, changing diapers, and  lunches with her group of mom-friends. Even so, Andie can’t help but get involved when the husband of Queen Bee Molly Goode is found dead.

Meanwhile, journalist Kenny Lee is enjoying a rehabilitated image after his success as Andie’s sidekick. But when an anonymous phone call tips him off that Molly Goode killed her husband, he’s soon drawn back into the thicket of suburban scandals, uncovering secrets, affairs, and a huge sum of money.

Available June 21st in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Rock of Ages: A Novel by Timothy Hallinan

Junior Bender, Los Angeles burglar and off-the-books detective to the felonious, is reminded that rock and roll will never die (no matter how fervently he wishes some of it would) when Hollywood’s most dangerous geriatric mobster, Irwin Dressler, retains Junior’s investigative services to solve a rather unharmonious problem.

“[A] toe-tappingly entertaining comic mystery . . . The one-liners come as if fired from a gatling gun in this gem of a novel that will leave Junior’s fans wishing they’d read it a whole lot slower.”Booklist, Starred Review

Available June 7th in Hardcover and eBook Editions.

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Comedy in a Cookbook:

Parks and Recreation: The Official Cookbook by Jenn Fujikawa

Prepare to treat yo self!

Parks and Recreation: The Official Cookbook is the ultimate way for fans to visit the kitchens, restaurants, and Harvest Festivals of Pawnee, IN, without ever leaving their homes.

And though “there has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food,” home cooks of every skill level will be able to recreate meals for any time of day, including: Leslie Knope’s Favorite JJ’s Diner Waffles, Ron Swanson’s Meat Tornado Burrito, Paunch Burger’s Double Bason Grenade Deluxe, Chris Traeger’s Turkey Burger and Literally the Best Salad You’ve Ever Had, April and Andy’s Most Amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ever Made, Ben’s Calzones, and more.

Featuring more photos, quotes, and many vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options than there are rules to The Cones of Dunshire, Parks and Recreation: The Official Cookbook serves up something for every fan!

Available June 28th in Hardcover and eBook Editions.

A Laugh Out Loud Listen:

All Rise: Audio Perambulation by Nick Offerman; Read by the Author

Spend a rollicking evening with Nick Offerman’s All Rise, an evening of deliberative talking, mirth, and song that compels listeners to chuckle while also causing them to contemplate a better side of humanity than the one to which they’ve grown accustomed.

In Nick Offerman’s view, we as a country can be doing a better job when it comes to decency. While most of the country has spent the last few years fighting about everything from politics to the existence of science, there are some things we can all agree about, like that we only really need one flavor of Oreo cookies. And that despite all the challenges we’re currently facing, America can get it together if we can, simply, rise above it all, and admit that a lot what we’re fighting about is actually pretty stupid, especially when told in Nick’s signature comedic voice—songs included. An Audiobook Original.


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