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In many of our graphic novel eNewsletters, we feature staff picks. Hugo’s is the Blacksad series, originally published in French, created by Spanish authors, and set in the world of 1950s America. This noir series has it all—a hardboiled feline detective protagonist, sumptuously painted artwork, intrigue, conspiracy, hot jazz, and cold-blooded murder.

With cinematic style, Díaz Canales and Guarnido bring us into the world of John Blacksad, a private investigator up to his feline ears in mystery. We follow Blacksad as he digs into the backstories behind murders, child abductions, and nuclear secrets. Whether he is falling for dangerous women or getting beaten to within an inch of his life, Blacksad’s stories are, simply put, unforgettable.

This internationally acclaimed series has won nearly a dozen prestigious awards; including the Angoulême Comics Festival prizes for Best Series and Best Artwork, the Harvey Award, and the Eisner Award.

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