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Horseman: A Tale of Sleepy Hollow by Christina Henry

In this atmospheric, terrifying novel that draws strongly from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” the author of Alice and The Girl in Red works her trademark magic, spinning an engaging and frightening new story from a classic tale.

“Fans of gothic horror will be eager to follow Ben into the woods.”—Booklist

“With visceral visions of nightmares, creepy prose and a pace as fast as the rush of horses’ hooves, Henry’s take on Irving’s classic story is a one-sitting read, a chilling romp into the forest that will remind readers that sometimes the scariest monster in the room is human nature .”—BookPage

Available in Paperback, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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Carmilla, Deluxe Edition: The Cult Classic that Inspired Dracula by Sheridan Le Fanu

Carmilla is the original vampire story, steeped in the sexual tension between two young women and gothic romance.

A deluxe gift edition of the cult classic that predated and greatly influenced Dracula and much vampire literature that followed, including Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles

“Succeeds in inspiring a mysterious terror better than any other writer”—M.R. James

Available in Hardcover and eBook Editions.

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Hyde: A Novel by Craig Russell

Winner of the 2021 McIlvanney Prize for Best Crime Novel of the Year

From the internationally acclaimed author, a stunning gothic reimagining of the Jekyll and Hyde story in which Captain Edward Hyde, chief detective of Victorian Edinburgh, investigates a gruesome murder that may unmask his own darkest secret.

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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When Things Get Dark: Stories inspired by Shirley Jackson by Joyce Carol Oates, Josh Malerman, Paul Tremblay, Richard Kadrey, Stephen Graham Jones, Elizabeth Hand and More

A chilling anthology in tribute to the genius of Shirley Jackson, collecting today’s best horror writers.

“18 outstanding, atmospheric horror shorts from some of the biggest names in the genre . . . Any fan of Jackson’s oeuvre will delight in this anthology.”—Publishers Weekly starred review

“Unsettling, disquieting, even disorienting… This collection is special. Somewhere, Shirley Jackson is peering over those glasses of hers, one eyebrow raised, a sly smile on her lips.”—Dave Writes and Draws

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

Pearl by Josh Malerman

From the New York Times bestselling author of Bird Box and Malorie, Josh Malerman, comes the legend of Pearl, a strange new monster unlike any other in horror (previously published as On This, the Day of the Pig).

“Daring readers should find this tale of a malevolent telepathic pig to be a memorable experience. . . . The novel shares the same racing narrative that made Bird Box hard to put down and is Malerman’s most accomplished work outside of the Bird Box series.”—Booklist (starred review)

“A perfect, fast-paced slasher filled with violent, cinematic action sequences . . . Malerman delivers with another completely different yet equally crowd-pleasing and awesome horror novel that is not to be missed.”—Library Journal (starred review)

Available in Hardcover, eBook, and Audio Editions.

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The City of Dr Moreau by J.S. Barnes

A visionary new horror novel in the style of Wells’ creepiest and most enduring fictions— a future history following the descendants of the Island of Dr Moreau.

“An epic ‘what if…?’ that significantly expands Wells’ cautionary tale about genetic engineering, taking it to exciting new places.”—Sci-Fi Bulletin

Available in Paperback and eBook Editions.


Libraries Night Out with Grady Hendrix and Chuck Wendig

Scott Snyder (American Vampire 1976, DC Comics)
In conversation with  Sue Yang-Peace, Youth Services Department Head at the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

Joe Hill ( Locke & Key: The Golden Age)
In conversation with Isaiah Pittman, Adult Librarian at the Inwood Branch, New York Public Library


Author Grady Hendrix talks Horror Movies and Audiobooks on This Is the Author

Listen to a Clip of Erik Larson’s First Work of Fiction, Exclusively on Audio, No One Goes Alone

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Preview A Creepy Cocktail Recipe and Excerpt from Spirits of the Otherworld, by Allison Crawbuck and Rhys Everett

Voodoo That You Do


30 ml / 1 oz white rum: Clairin Communal
30 ml / 1 oz Cocchi Americano
15 ml / ½ oz Velvet Falernum
15 ml / ½ oz lime juice
3 dashes bitters: Peychaud’s
Garnish: lime wheel


Shake all ingredients except bitters with cubed ice. Double-strain into a coupe glass, add bitters and garnish.

Vodún has been practised in West Africa for thousands of years. More than just a religion, it is a way of life infused with art, music and ritualistic traditions. It teaches that spirits, both good and evil, govern the world of the living. The Supreme Being does not interfere with life on Earth, but Vodún spirits act as intermediaries between the two realms. Offerings are collected in exchange for a wish, but be prepared: to appease the spirits, such favours are often consecrated by animal sacrifice. The feverish dances of sacred rituals transport participants into a trancelike state, while the sounds of beating drums evoke the souls of the ancestors. Incantations chanted by priests empower herbal potions and inanimate objects with magical abilities.

Vodún is often depicted in popular culture via images of skulls, zombies and fetish dolls, but there is much more hidden below the surface. Altars adorned with bones and blood may appear to an outsider as the trappings of black magic, but the essence of Vodún is founded on peace and respect.

Veiled in secrecy, it is a rich mystical culture that honours the traditions of its forefathers.

Today, varying manifestations of the ancient religion can be traced around the globe. For example, enslaved men and women carried their faith from West Africa to the Caribbean, giving rise to Haiti’s Creole Voodoo traditions. Rum soon seeped into the local rituals. A common offering to all of the Voodoo deities, it is known to be a particular favourite of Legba, guardian of the door to the spirit world.

To invoke a sensory experience beyond this realm, shake up this Caribbean twist on the classic Corpse Reviver #2. Using Clairin Communal rum from Haiti, the simplicity of this cocktail pallows the delicate grassy notes of sugar-cane juice to shine through. Served with Velvet Falernum and lime juice, it is sure to appease the spirits – but the drink isn’t complete before being finished off with a few ritualistic dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters from the infamous Creole apothecary of New Orleans. If summoning spirits at night, be forewarned: the light of day may be blessed with the powers of nature, but the darkness of night is a playground for the supernatural.

Recipe and Excerpt from Spirits of the Otherworld: A Grimoire of Occult Cocktails and Drinking Rituals by Allison Crawbuck and Rhys Everett

Alcohol meets alchemy in this fun and darkly fascinating collection of cocktail recipes to suit your every mood and whim.

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