Bestselling authors Kathy Freston and Rachel Cohn join together to create a toolbox of resources to aid socially aware teens and young adults interested in adopting a vegan lifestyle.

The Book of Veganish contains everything curious young adults need to help them navigate through the transition to a vegan lifestyle. The 70 simple recipes are perfect for those with tight budgets and rudimentary cooking tools (and skills). Filled with insights on the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet and how to best deal with parents and the rest of the nonvegan world, The Book of Veganish will allow existing and aspiring vegans to feel confident about their new lifestyle choices.

Check out these three DELICIOUS recipes from The Book of Veganish—you wouldn’t even know they’re Vegan!



Click here for the recipe for Chocolate Chippers (bonus video below!)

Want. Chocolate. Chip. Cookies. NOW!

Everyone needs a recipe for chocolate chip cookies for those times when only choco­late chip cookies will do! And this veganized take is way easier and healthier than the traditional version.


Click here for the recipe for Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Please

This creamy, satisfying mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and it’s so easy to make! If you don’t have panko or other breadcrumbs on hand, crush some potato chips for a crunchy (and tasty!) topping.




Click here for the recipe for Stuffed Portabello Burgers

Portobellos stuffed with a flavorful burger filling makes a unique, hearty sandwich. Or try this as a main dish topped with grilled onion and Mushroom Gravy.


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